What is a good hair salon in the Boston area?
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What is a good hair salon in the Boston area? I haven't cut my hair in three years, I have never in my life had a good, flatting hairstyle. I wish to remedy this.
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My wife goes to the Dellaria on Beacon near Kenmore. She has pretty hair. Ask if Alicia has any openings and give her a decent tip.
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I've been seeing Lisa at Umi (75 Newbury St) for years. She was the first one to chop my hair from waist-length to ear-length (6+ years ago) and I haven't let anyone else touch it since. I usually keep a few of her cards with me because I get stopped on the street by strangers complimenting my cut.

She also won Best Male Haircut from Best of Boston in (I think) 2004.
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If your hair is curly, Dana at M Salon (Mass Ave. near Porter Square) is the best. I'm sure he's great with non-curly hair, too, he's just the first person who's ever been able to do something flattering with my impossible hair. Plus, the owner of the salon has the cutest dogs that hang out there all day.
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You're me. I went to James Joseph Salon about 3 months ago and am very happy with what is a radical departure for me (went from long straight hair to chin-length layered). I saw Eva and found her friendly without being aggressive (I don't consider getting my hair cut a social occasion).
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I've been going to Judy Jetson's in Cambridge for over 8 years and am always happy. They're in between Porter and Harvard on Mass Ave.
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Liquid Hair Studios. Jason is really good. He listens to what you actually want, as opposed to deciding to do his own thing. He'll also tell you what he thinks, as opposed to what he thinks you want to hear.
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