Where can I get a triple-rotor ceiling fan for a game room?
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Where can I get a triple-rotor ceiling fan for a game room?

I'm sloooowly but surely refinishing my basement into some type of game room. While thumbing through a catalog about a year ago, I saw a cool triple-rotor ceiling fan and thought it was be a fun addition to the room. But I haven't been able to find something local like it. The triple rotor fan on this page looks a lot like it. But the two companies I found them at seemed to be in Asia.

The closest I could find in a US company was this fan at Restoration Hardware, but the other fan is more what I'm looking for.

Has anyone seen anything like the triple rotor fan in the US?

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You mean like these belt driven models?

See also these
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I've actually seen these in a lighting gallery showroom when we were building our house (3 years ago). I can't find the triple, but here's a couple links to some doubles. If I find the triples, I post it later.
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