Build a sauna from bamboo?
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Can you help me build a "sauna?"

In our backyard we have a stand of bamboo that grows to about 1 to 1.5" thick and up to 15' tall. I figure that we could use this instead of saplings and mimic the structure of a traditional Native American sweat lodge by substituting the saplings with our bamboo.

My wife and I have attended a traditional Sundance and have participated in traditional sweat Lodges before. WE ARE NOT INTENDING ON CREATING A SWEAT LODGE, just utilizing the structure of a lodge to make our own backyard. Building one with wood seems more labor intensive...

Some of our more specific quandries would be...should we cut the bamboo immediately before using, or let it dry for a few days; where can we find the large granite rocks used for heating; what material should we tie the frame together with (ie. will thin rope disintegrate in a heated environment); etc.

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Ok lay out the circle and divide it by 13 , one pole for every moon.Pound 1-1/2" copper pipe into the ground as sockets for the poles. put the poles in a bundle, build a fire and put the poles over the fire about 4' from the end of the poles, dont burn it just scorch it real good, bend the poles to 90 dg.holding with clamps or stakes, the poles will spring back to 75 or 80 dg. then put the shorter end of the poles into the sockets in the ground. Braid the small ends of the poles with copper wire into a small circle in the center. then attach poles horizonaly at the bend point and make a ring around the entire circumference. Either drape the skins on or hang the skin inside the frame. it should resemble a yurt, conical top cylindrical sides. You will need a pitchfork to get the stones out of the fire, something to brush off stray coals and ash off before bringing them inside. basalt is most excellent if you can find it . AVOID stones from a river.
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