mini jack output selector
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AudioFilter... A switcher that allows me to split 1 stereo mini jack output from my sound card to 4 or more female stereo mini jack outputs. Does this exist?

I only need to have one output activated at any time, so I don't need a mixer, just a small fancy box that does this and nothing else.
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Yeah, most radio shack stores should carry it. You actually do need a small amplifier, because you only have a certain level of signal in the line and splitting it weakens it.
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Response by poster: Ah, I shouldn't have written "split" in my question as only one output has to be selectable at any time, just a switch if you will. Also, I live in a godforsaken country so any link to a product available online would be greatly appreciated...
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Short of a mixer, I doubt it exists. But it would be really easy to make. Get yourself a four position switch (you may actually need two; one for the left channel and one for the right) then just get a bunch of headphone extensions (probably the cheapest way to get the female ends pre-wired) and solder them to the switches.

Seems like it would be a pretty simple project. If you don't have access to a Radio Shack, you can get the switches at most hardware stores and the headphone extensions at someplace like Target or Walmart. Total cost should be under $20.
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Online options:

Headphone extension cord

Four position switch
(you could probably get rid of or relable the face plate.)
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Get an A/V switcher and just use the audio portion. You can use a bunch of 1/8"-stereo-to-dual-RCA Y-cables (easily obtained) for wiring into and out of the box.
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This would work. The key word is "passive", which means it doesn't have any fancy electronics that will stop it working in the opposite direction. They don't ship to Norway though.

Look for something dumb with big clunky switches on the front (no remote control, no auto-switching).
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Response by poster: Thanks for the suggestions, too bad a box like the one cillit bang links too but with minijack in/out is impossible to find. I might build one or get an A/V switcher and some adaptors.
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