Where to download Frank Zappa via a subscription service?
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I would like to download Frank Zappa albums via a subscription service that has downloads available in mp3 or ogg. Is there such a service?

I subscribed to emusic.com last month because they appeared to be the only subscription service offering Frank Zappa albums for download. I downloaded upto my limit, and this month found that they no longer offer Frank Zappa because according to an email I received from them:
"Frank Zappa's albums were available on eMusic via our
previous relationship with the Rykodisc label. Rykodisc was
recently purchased by a major record label (Warner Music
Group) that has decided not to continue its relationship with
eMusic. As a result, we're unable to offer their catalogue at
this time."

napster, audiogalaxy do no offer them. I want a service that offers downloads in mp3 unlike audible's goofy format that's tied to specific devices.

I am very unfamiliar with music subscription services other than the ones mentioned.
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Out of country potential law breaking shadiness notwithstanding, all of mp3 seems to have some zappa.

iTunes, eMusic and Napster are basically the only 3 services out there with the exception of Rhapsody. None of the above give you DRM free music in addition to having a "full" library....
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He's been removed from listening to on Rhapsody as well.
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Napster? Are you kidding? Try Soulseek. I've heard a lot of good things about allofMP3.com, and, surprisingly, no bad stories.
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Allofmp3 may be going away soon, it's one of the major reasons that Russia can't get into the WTO...
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All Zappa's work was removed recently from iTunes as well.

I don't believe there is a subscription service with Zappa on it.

For me, my years-long Zappa habit has been filled with CDs.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone, I guess I'll buy some CDs. I am trying to eliminate physical clutter, and thus avoid CDs. But amazon has some CDs available used that I will try.
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