Best Bachelor party/night EVER
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Bachelor Party idea (minus the strippers, prostitutes and copious drinking.

I have to plan a stag/bachelor party for one of my best-friends near the end of this month.
Important info: The wedding is the 28th of October. We are all young 20something guys limited to about $100 each to pay (under 10 guys).
Twist info: We are all fairly opposed to the ideas of prostitutes, strippers, copious drinking or excessive gambling.
I need fun ideas that he can look back at fondly after being hitched to the ballandchain for 50 years.
I turn to the hive mind in my greatest time of need. Please help. Thanks.
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Skydiving and paintballing are two good bets.
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go camping together.

Last year I drove with a bunch of friends to a remote lake outside of Whistler, and the only other party on that lake was a group of guys having a bachelor party. We thought - oh-oh, trouble?

They swam, hiked the neighboring trails, built a big campfire, cooked dinner, laughed and talked. There was snow on the mountains above the lake; later there was a lovely moon, and beautiful stars. It was their last weekend as single guys together.

A class act of friendship I'd say - they were bucking tradition as much as you will be, and they all returned home without a headache.
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Yes, camping. I've been on a camping "bachelor party" - very nice. You can do your (moderate) drinking around the fire, yeah.
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When I was in my 20's, back in the Paleozoic era, a small group of my friends once got together, and put the money and effort we would have spent on a bachelor party, into fixing up the groom's car for the honeymoon. Sounds like it would have been yucky, but it was actually a great Saturday with our pal, and we grilled out together, for lunch, and drank some beers, and still managed to do a brake job, replace bad shocks, replaced a battery, fixed the air-conditioner, got a new set of tires, detailed the car, and tastefully decorated it on the "Just Married" theme.

It was neat watching them drive away from their little reception afterwards, knowing that they weren't worried about breaking down on the road, and that we'd helped make the start of their lives together better.
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Where do you live? How cold is it likely to be outside on October 28?

More importantly, what does your friend the soon-to-be-groom enjoy doing with his friends?
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Put together a scavenger hunt. I did one for a bachelor party once and it was hysterically fun.
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Is there a dueling piano bar near where you live? There's always a few bachelorette parties every time I end up at one, and some good embarrasing fun can be had at the bachelor's expense.

The best bachelor party I was at took all day. Golf in the morning, baseball game (box seats), excellent dinner, and then the strip club/drinking broke out in excess.

I like the scavenger hunt idea from pdb.
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My favorite Bachelor Party was a two-parter.

Part one: we hired drivers rented a couple of limos and drove to various sentimental spots in the city where there were pre-arranged events. From skits involving people the bachelor had not seen in years, or the obligatory girl might flash, to ringing pay phones (calls from old girl friends, teachers, school chums.) At each location there was also either food awaiting or a unique drink.

Part two: Was an NHB fight on an indian reservation (we paid both fighters—people we knew—a bit extra for a performace bit). One fighter would announce after the fight the purse was for the batchelor, so he could finaly get the penis enlargement operation and then they saluted him like he was a Roman emporer.
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You could try what these guys did.
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I gave a party for a friend of mine at Hollywood Park. It was buck beer and hot dogs, and all those attending made bets for the groom-to-be. Made more than an embarrassing "Dollar Dance." The wedding party had their picture taken with the featured horse and owner, and the track really treated us great.

Knowing I was going to be taken to a strip club, I planned my own with a small golf tournanment at an executive nine hole. We had over 50 people show up, only ten of which had ever held a club. Several people brought video cameras, and we were allowed to show the videos on a big screen in a bar across the street. Patrons in the bar got as big a kick out of them as we did. The party was a success; wish I could say the same for the marriage. But everyone had such a good time, and we've had a "Memorial" every year since; this being the 17th year.
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Excessive gambling is one thing, but what's wrong with a well run night of playing poker? Or is that too 2003?
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Go-kart racing is a reliable classic.
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My brother-in-law invited a bunch of guys out for a huge meal at the local steakhouse. After that, they went over to his house with a few 6 packs and a ton of food and played Genesis and other old skool video games all night. He said it was a ton of fun.

So if you and your friends are/were gamers, buy a few old systems and have a video game night.
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A couple of years ago, I went to a bachelor party that was an XBox marathon. Friday night it was beer and pizza, then three hours of Halo with varying team formations (including "married vs. single" and "groom-to-be vs. everyone else"). After that, we switched to a couple of sports games, then back to Halo, then I went home and they kept clear into the next morning.

Not very expensive or ritzy, but it's what the groom wanted, and everyone had a blast.
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Earlier this year, I went to a bachelor party that was held in the groom's garage. We build a hover craft (powered by a leaf blower). And raced roto-tillers. Maybe not for everyone, but we sure had fun.
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The best bachelor party I ever attended was my brother's.

We went to a Brooklyn Cyclones (minor league baseball team with a beautiful stadium in Coney Island) game, and then spent the rest of the evening riding go-karts, bumper cars, using go-karts as bumper cars, etc. at the various cheesy amusement parks on the Coney Island boardwalk.

Obviously, it's too late in the season for a minor league baseball game, but perhaps a sporting event followed by some good-natured "boy" fun that's not entirely dissimilar is available in your part of canada. (Whatever part that is.)
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This was bachelorette, not bachelor, but my friends and I all went out to dinner together, walked around some cool neighborhoods in Portland, bought an obscene amount of chocolate, then retreated to two linked hotel suites for a night of Cranium and other board games until we fell asleep. In the morning, we cooked pancakes. It was a lot of fun.
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For what it's worth I am also getting married Oct 28th...had my bachelor party a month or so ago.

The absolute highlight was white water rafting....everyone was nervous but it was absolutely amazing! Actually had people thank me later for thinking of it.

We also did paintball for a day which was also a blast...

Other than that we just hung out and ate...not a big stripped or drinking crowd.

For my friends a few years ago we planned to go to strip clubs but ended up doing Karoake at this one place for hours. Unplanned but had a blast being big goofballs and the place loved us. My friend got all kinds of joking advice from older women and stuff!
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