Indian music video on top of train?
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I'm looking for a very distinct Indian music video. There's

Several years ago I got satellite TV and had the obligatory 'watch all the foreign channels' session. One channel was an Indian (I'm confident it was, but excuse my cultural stupidity in case it was Bangladeshi or Pakistani) music video channel. I watched it for a few minutes and it had no track names listed, but there was an excellent music video and I want to find it.

The music video is entirely set on a train, and appears to have been done in one take. The camera is on the top of the train and the train is going through a forest, round a mountain, and the scenery is spectacular. Dancers and, I assume, singers, are all dancing and singing on top of this train as it slowly plods through the countryside. I believe it was reasonably lively.

Any ideas? Despite the filming technique and location, it looked very crisp and high budget. I'd take a stab in the dark guess the song was quite new, so probably from around 1998-2004.
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wackybrit - here's the video you are looking for: Chaiya Chaiya
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Response by poster: It's a bit different to how I remember it, but my memory isn't perfect. Thanks! This just has to be the same thing :)
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Yah, also featured in Andrew Lloyd Webber's Bombay Dreams, and, I hear, Inside Man.

Watch the whole movie -- the entire soundtrack is amazing, as are the "picturizations."

It is my favorite movie.
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Dil Se is amazing. All of Mani Ratnam's films are really good. I think he's by far the best director in India.
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There are several versions of Chaiya Chaiya, most recently one featured in Spike Lee's "Inside Man" which added a rap to the track, as well as a number of other remixes. It's likely there are different edits of the video as well, so that might explain why it doesn't match your memory.
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That was a really cool song! I wish Amtrak was more like that.
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