How can I build a unique cat tree?
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I have one free wall in my tiny apartment for a cat tree. It's in my kitchen, and I would like it to look like a unique piece of sculpture -- not the traditional wood and carpet cat trees that everyone has. I want something at least six feet tall, and under $100, so it needs to be a DIY project.

I really like the look of these corrugated cardboard pieces, and also these, and I know my cats would love something made out of that material. How can I construct something like that? It doesn't even have to be rounded -- I'm really aiming for a tall, interlocking rectangular climbing structure that they could climb on, scratch and perch from. But how do I get my hands on that sort of cardboard? What equipment/facilities are construct to design pieces like that?
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Corrugated cardboard is available sheets and rolls from commercial packing supply places. Large sheets are often available for free from appliance stores in the form of boxes for white goods.

Once you have the pieces cut out you can assemble them with either latex roll on contact cement or spray adhesive.
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Wouldn't the cats just shred the cardboard? Are you looking to make a new one of these every few months and clean up the chunks of cardboard in the meantime? We had a cardboard scratching platform for our cats when I was younger and it made a huge mess. Maybe these are more durable, but it might be a concern.

That said: I did something like this for an art project, and you probably want to make a stencil for any curved bits that you can move gradually along each piece that you cut. I used contact cement for my piece.
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Why not an actual piece of a tree? This would require that you had access to a woods but could be quite cool if you live in a city. You could mount platforms in the branches. There is a reason so many cat trees use carpet- cats love it. Wrapping parts of the tree in sisal rope could evoke a "tree in bondage" theme for that edge and provide a satisfying surface to scratch.
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I know that you said you wanted a DIY project, but these cat trees from are under $90, get delivered unbelievably fast, and are of great quality. I honestly think that unless you make less than minimum wage, the cost of materials and labor will be more expensive than if you make it yourself. I have one and the value is really incredible for the cost. I am not affiliated with them, just a happy customer.
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Er, that should be "the cost of materials and labor will be more expensive if you make it yourself."
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Why not an actual piece of a tree?

Be careful with this. We brought a log into the living room for the cat to scratch. (Our intention was to mount it on the wall horizontally so the cat could reach up and scratch with his claws perpendicular to the pattern of the bark.) It must have had either living bugs hiding inside it or eggs on it, because we had a mini-infestation after that.
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Best answer: I think these are cool and can all be built pretty easily.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the comments so far. amber_dale: The kittypod I referenced is really heavy-duty; it seems to last much longer than the type used in cardboard boxes. So that is the material I'm looking for.

For those that suggested real logs: cool idea but I was looking for something that would blend into the kitchen (the only free space I have) better. Also, bugs could be an issue!

Regarding the economics: If I had to take a day off of work to do this, of course I'd have to calculate in the cost of labor. But I don't get paid by the hour, and do have enough free time to do this project myself. I'm not sure the amarkat type of tree is what I am looking for, but I'll check them out.
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Response by poster: Oh, and dobbs, I like the Cat Tower link. I'll think about that. The shelves idea is fantastic, too, but I don't want to attach anything to my walls (it's a rental).
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jamaro, maybe you'd be better off using a length of large diameter PVC pipe and gluing "T" couplings in it a various heights. You could then use the open ends of the "T"s to secure shelves. More expensive than your current solution, but also much stronger.
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