Help me find the spanish equivalent of the BBC podcasts
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Please help me find downloadable spanish language radio in the style of BBC Radio 4. I'm learning spanish and, while I'm doing my best in talking to native speakers, watching local TV and listening to local radio (I'm in Buenos Aires :), I can't find anything that is similar to the non-news, non-sport, non-call-in talk radio that I like on Radio 4, Plays, books of the week and so on (that I can listen to over and over while I'm on the bus, rewind etc). I haven't found too many podcasts that do it for me either but then, I'm not the hive mind. Any suggestions?
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Abra El Radio Player (The button at the top) Also see the "radio" section further down.
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I posted a similar question about Spanish language blogs a while back. One of the links there happened to lead me to this which led me to these: SPN, Podsonoro, Podcastellano, folcast
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BBC world service broadcasts in spanish here.
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