What browsers support @font-face in CSS?
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What user-agents reliably support the @font-face rule in CSS? According to Microsoft, IE5 and up supports it. I've been trying to determine if Mozilla does, and I have no clue about Mac only browsers like Safari. Googling has not led me to a clear answer, so I turn to you all.

For the browsers that don't support it, are there any reliable hacks? Thanks.
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Best I could do. What exactly are you trying to do? There might be another way.
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I have started developing my own typefaces, and for later projects I may want to use them, if its possible.

For the project I'm working on I simply wanted to ensure that everyone saw Bitstream Vera Sans rather than the usual Verdana, Helvetica, Arial trinity. Verdana works well at 8pts, but Vera (which is free) works well at any point size, which means I'd be able to use relative font sizing. In other words, I want to be able to set fonts to %em (% being 1em, or .8em, whatever) so that users who need/prefer to set their text-size to "largest" (in IE) and users who like "smaller" will see their preferred size.
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You could set up a test page and open a free trial account at Browsercam...
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Well, I'm clearly a goddamn jackass for not looking at what I pasted. Here's that URL again. I'd like to take this moment to thank Firebird for having moderate to severe cut-n-paste from the URL bar bugs.
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