Shoulder-style laptop bag for a professional woman?
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Shoulder-style laptop bag for a professional woman?

My wife is in the market for ladies-shoulder-bag-ish kind of laptop bag. Something on the quasi-fancy side, probably up to $100 or so. Padded laptop sleeve a must. Any ideas?
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What's her style:
modern and clean?
classical and old-school?
does she want colors or only black/brown?
does she want leather or non-leather?
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How much stuff, other than laptop, does she need to carry? Will she also be carrying a purse, or does this need to replace purse functionality (wallet, cell phone, keys, PDA?) as well?

Regardless, I really like the look of a bag I got from Franklin Covey, though I haven't used it yet. It is red! And classy and professional looking. In fact, I think it was this one. And it has a padded laptop compartment.
(They will spam you both in e- and regular mail, though, if you buy from them.)
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ACME works for me
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Marka seems to have a bunch of designer bags; here's the minimalist modern Charlie Case, but you can search their site for anything else that appeals.

Here's a series of funky colorful silk bags.

Plain black functional bag; there are lots of other bags on that site that fit the same description.

More fashion-y black bag.

A more informal red bag.

Target seems to have a good selection well within your price range.
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I do like Crumplers. But it is hard to find those other fancy bags here in AU.
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It is dead easy to sew a laptop sleeve. Get a bag that doesn't look like a laptop bag.
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Since noone's mentioned it yet, Levenger has very nice non-laptop-looking laptop bags, though a bit above your price range.
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I have a booq bag that may fit your needs. A padded bag that is the size of the computer that fits inside. Has a shoulder strap. The linked site has a tool to identify a bag what works with a particular laptop.
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Plastic People Design makes cute laptop cases that come with inner sleeves and a matching mirror and cosmetic case. Right now their selection is kind of limited, but I've seen some really awesome vintage fabric cases for sale-check out the past styles. If she had a particular fabric/material/color she can't find anywhere else, they'd be good people to contact for a custom one.
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I've spent a little too much time looking into laptop bags and kinda have a list already. Some of these might be above your price range, but they also might convince your wife that she wants to buy something more expensive :-)

Utilitarian, but useful -- Manhattan Portage
Cute, indie DIYish -- Snap Design
Cutesy and pink -- Some bag from Zappos and Latico
Stylish and functional -- Causauri
Basically the same thing as Causari except cheaper -- Pinder
Beautiful and expensive -- Knomo
Sleek and hip -- Acme Made
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