What to do about Flickr photos of exes?
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I've accumulated a bunch of photos in my Flickr account of me with (now ex) girlfriends, and women who I've had shorter-term involvments with.

(All innocent stuff, mind.) Based on some recent events, I'm worried that all that history might freak potential new girlfriends out, or that someone might see pics of me on a weekend trip with a platonic friend and get the wrong idea.

How do you all deal with this sort of thing?
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Delete them from flickr.
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I'm really not sure what you're asking.

If you want them to not be viewable just make them private or delete them.

Otherwise do you really want to be with someone who can't hand the fact that you have a past and you have female friends?
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Mark 'em as private. But if these are simply mementos of good friendships in the past, anyone who you get involved with in the future (and who genuinely wants an open an trusting relationship) should surely be able to handle that. Don't compromise on your self-respect.
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Jimbob, please know about the subject before posting an answer.

RunningDog & Flaming have it right. If you're really concerned about who sees them but want to keep them for posterity's sake, make them private. You can click on that option in the thumbnail view on the My Photos page.
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The Flickr aspect isn't really relevant, from my perspective; these pictures could be anywhere. The bottom line is, these pictures are yours, and you should display them or not in whatever way makes you happy.

Do you enjoy having these pictures online for others to see? Would removing that "public" ability compromise your happiness? If so, leave 'em up. If not, and you'd just as happily enjoy them in your own private perusal, set them to private, as others have suggested.

The way I see it, pictures do capture a part of your soul, metaphorically, in that they represent memories that can be very intimate, vivid, and personal to you. As such, the way you choose to use them should be at your sole discretion (within reason; I don't advocate posting pictures of your naked girlfriends on the web for revenge or some other misguided notion).

If pictures of my friends, from yesterday or today, make me happy by having them around, no one else gets to tell me I can't have them, any more than he/she gets to tell me that I can't have that friend.
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Doesn't everyone have pictures of themselves with exes? I have a photo album with a bunch of them, and it doesn't bother my wife. I like looking at photos of her with her exes, because it allows me to see a different part of her life. I don't think this is a problem—or rather, if it turns out to be a problem with a particular person, the problem is with that person rather than with the photos.
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Tag 'em "Ex"
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I'm with flamingbore. If you find somebody who's actually freaked and threatened by something so mundane, that seems like a red flag for future jealousy & possessiveness issues...
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