Agent support sucks
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I've used Forte Agent (paid) for about 10 years. However, they are now claiming they don't have a record of my most-recent upgrade and some of the tweaks they've made, I'm not cool with. Can anyone recommend a (preferably freeware) newsreader that has the following: Support for multiple servers (where it doesn't seperate each server like Thunderbird does), ease of use (remember, I'm familiar with Agent's interface), and tailored for offline (since I like to just read at leisure). I tried installing 40Tude's Dialog, but it will not run on my system for some reason.
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I've long used Grabit after dumping Forte years ago. I use it for binaries, not text ...
posted by geoff. at 12:26 PM on October 6, 2006

Response by poster: Yeah, I shoulda made clearer that I'm PRIMARILY a text user.
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Before I upgrade (and to jump on your question) what are the problems you're seeing? (I was a bit disappointed with 3.xx, but it's bearable.)
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What do you mean by separate each server? I'm using two servers on Thunderbird, with all messages flowing into the same inbox.
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Response by poster: When I tried setting up Thunderbird, even though it would merge MAIL boxes, for NNTP, it only allowed me to set the servers up as seperate sets of folders--didn't poll to merge posts in a group. Am I missing a trick?
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You might try Pan. I haven’t used the Windows version, and I don’t know how it treats multiple servers, but it has offline support and IIRC its interface was originally inspired by Agent.
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Whoops, my bad. Disregard because I missed that you're asking about news servers.

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Pardon me if I'm being unnecessarily dense, but is there any reason you can't just use google groups if you're just using USENET for text?

I don't follow any newsgroups regularly, so I'm not sure if it lacks too many features to be a reasonable reader, but it seems like it'd be workable. Just throwing it out there, I guess.
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ps, there's also a google groups beta that may have more features (it just came out, I believe).
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Response by poster: Mainly 'cause Google Groups pretty well sucks as a reading interface :)
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ah. and I did not catch the tailored for offline part. apologies.
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You could try Xnews, but it has the same problem of seperating news servers.
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Response by poster: Xananews looked ok, except for the way it handles multiple servers... Ugh. I suppose, I could go back to the last version o f Agent, but frankly, I just don't wanna USE Agent anymore.
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