Free Snellen Optotype font?
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Font/Typography hounds! Trying to find a free Snellen Optotype style (font used in vintage eye charts) like this:

Will Work For Free Fonts!

Please help!
: )
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You are aware there's a $10 version, right?

Would you settle for another slab serif?
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If I was a professional designer I would spend the $10 in a heartbeat. But I'm just a poor font snob (and I have a hard time believing a font this simple to make isn't out there somewhere).
: )
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Rockwell (bold) is pretty close. There's a free version on this page. I'm pretty sure "Rockney" is the exact same font too.
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Rockwell is a not bad suggestion! (But that Rockney imitation really sucks).
: )
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try even if you don't find this one, its a must have site for font geeks :)

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Note that the $10 Snellen Optotype font only includes C, D, E, F, L, O, P, T, and Z.
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This looks to be pretty close. The serifs off the back end of the E don't look as long, but otherwise, its close and free.

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You might also try Courier Bold.
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You can't really just swap in different typefaces and have a completely useful Snellen chart. The weights of the strokes are quite carefully selected to subtend 1 minute of arc (at 20/20). The glyphs subtend 5 minutes of arc. The letters C, D, E, F, L, O, P, T, and Z suffice, as these are the only ones used in Snellen's original design.
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Suddenly I realize I've just made the ridiculous assumption that the poster wants to make a Snellen chart, as opposed to designing something else that looks convincingly like a Snellen chart.

I generate charts for a (small) part of my research, so that's where I'm comin' from.
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