My Sonicare-fu is weak
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Should a Sonicare toothbrush be used instead of, or in combination with regular brushing? Also, what is the best technique for using the Sonicare?
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I have maintained excellent dental health for 8 years using a Sonicare toothbrush twice a day. I change the head once or twice a year. My technique is identical to regular brushing.
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Have you read the included manual? Everything I needed to know about my SoniCare came from within.
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So is your google-fu apparently. Here.
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I use the sonicare as my only method two minutes twice a day. You're not supposed to use it the same way you use a manual toothbrush, but rather just hold the bristles at an angle on your gum line for 4-5 seconds at a time, gradually working your way around the gumline. There are instructions on how to use it when you buy one.

I have the quad pacer - which makes a little noice when after 30 seconds, its time to change quadrants. I recommend it. It may come standard nowadays.
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I've owned one since June. Basically you're not supposed to "scrub" or "brush" like you do with a regular toothbrush. You move it lightly in circles over your teeth, pausing with the bristles resting in between teeth and where the teeth meet the gums. If you experience tickling or irritation at first keep with it and rinse with warm salt water. It will subside in a week or so, and you'll have impeccable teeth!
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My dentist told me I could come in one less time a year if I used a SoniCare, and he doesn't sell them or anything. That was a pretty solid recommendation.
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Best answer: My dentist says use it in combination with regular brushing.
Because they are different you will miss fewer spots.
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I use a Sonicare in conjunction with a Perio-aid. My hygienist said that if she were stuck on a desert island with only one teeth cleaning implement, she would choose the Perio-aid.

I have always had horrible gums, but they are much better now with those two things.

(SFW pics of gaping mouths in the link)
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I have found some measurable improvements in my gum health by using a water pik and diluted listerine, combined with brushing and flossing using a cheap $6.00 crest "spinbrush."
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Wow, Danf. I was surprised by your dentist a bit there w/the Perio deal but then again, who would ever give up on something annoying in between their teeth lol.

I swear by my oral-b 3d - I'm sure it's similar. I apply it gently/slowly from toof to toof in circles...
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