Adjustable Coffee Table?
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STUDIO APARTMENT DWELLERS... front and center, please. I have a coffee table question.

Has anyone ever seen or purchased a table that can double as a coffee table and an dining table... meaning, you can raise the height to which one could actually sit and eat like a normal person?

Preferrably, I'm not looking for something terribly complicated or that may require additional parts. I'm envisioning a table that you can grab at either end and lift until it "clicks" in at its new height. Then, to lower it, grab the ends again, squeeze the little hand-clip-thing underneath and drop it down to be a coffee table again.

Form is as important as function here, as I'm not looking to put something in my "living area" that looks like it would be better suited for a garage or a workshop.

Ideas? Thanks!
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We used to have something like this at my house.
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The place to ask this question is Apartment Therapy. Oh, look, someone already did.
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or if you know some one that saves the Times:

*Please Note: Archive articles do not include photos, charts or graphics. More information. September 21, 2006, Thursday
By MITCHELL OWENS (NYT); House & Home/Style Desk
Late Edition - Final, Section F, Page 2, Column 5, 747 words
DISPLAYING ABSTRACT - Q. I don't have room for a dining table. Where can I find a coffee table that converts? A. Furniture with presto-chango attributes has been a feature of domestic life at least since medieval times, and probably even longer -- as much in reaction to the limitations of square ...

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Here are some working links I gleaned from this thread.

Mascotte convertible table
Esprit coffee/dining table
Folding table
Up&Down legno
Lots of adjustable height tables
The X-Tables

on preview, these links are from the thread libraryhead posted
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I've seen the types of tables that gregschoen noted and think they are just horribly ugly. And they brought my mother and her butt indentation on the sofa a little too vividly to mind.

I haven't come across anything of the sort, but I know that Ikea carries "flip up/down" tables that you might be able to utilize as an alternative with a regular coffee table. They mount to the wall and are to be flipped down to use, flipped up and out of the way when not in use. I'd link, but the Ikea site is crawling for me right now.
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search froogle for "adjustable height coffee table", and you will find links to online stores that sell many of the above tables. I won't insult your intelligence by linking to the search.
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I've seen the types of tables that gregschoen noted and think they are just horribly ugly. And they brought my mother and her butt indentation on the sofa a little too vividly to mind.

They work alright to use a laptop on, but honestly that's about it. I would also never suggest using it for an extended period of time, because as FlamingBore suggests, the butt indentation can get pretty annoying as couches don't really make good work chairs.
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There is a few page spread in this months Metropolitan Home magazine about "convertable" furniture, and there is a great coffee/dining table. I would check that out for sure.
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I desperately want the hydra table!!!! it's pricey, but I love it so.
It doesn't "click up", but rather, it's adjusted with a pump thing that you step on (like on a beauty salon chair).
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Response by poster: Gosh... thanks everyone. You know, sometimes you think of a question (out of need of course) that you think might be somewhat challenging or obscure only to find out that it's not so "uncommon" afterall, and often obviously so. But I certainly appreciate everyone's suggestions.
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Ikea has one called the "Funka" but it's no longer for sale in the USA (with a name like that, I wonder why!)
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When I lived in a studio apartment, my solution to this problem was just to get a sturdy coffee table that we could sit around on large pillows and eat Japanese or Eastern or (whatever) style. In the winter, it's a kotatsu!
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I believe you are refering to a "Lift Top Table" like this.

I have used one at a friends house for a dinning table and never had a problem with it. It is weighted to prevent it from tipping.
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Take a look at the table in The Moon is Blue, a 1953 comedy with William Holden and David Niven. It seems to be exactly what you want---whatever it is.
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