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Anyone know a quick and simple way to convert opml files into html? I've found two good XSLT stylesheets, but the W3C XSLT Service seems to be fudging the links.
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Is this a quirk of the W3C XSLT Service or a problem with the stylesheets? Have you tried linking the XSLT as a stylesheet from the OPML document and loading it in IE6 or a recent Mozilla, both of which do client-side XSLT transformation?
posted by IshmaelGraves at 5:51 AM on January 21, 2004

Response by poster: Good question. I'm not extremely familiar with XSLT, so I'll brush up. I'll also try IE6 and Mozilla.
posted by will at 6:37 AM on January 21, 2004

Ishmael, do you use PHP or ASP? It might lead to wider use if you used a XSL parser to parse the file using that stylesheet.

In PHP you can use the following:


$opml = xslt_create();
$result = xslt_process($opml, 'opml.xml', 'opml2html.xsl');
echo $result;

Or just put this line right after the XML declaration in the OPML file:
<?xml-stylesheet href="opml2html.xsl"?>
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Oops that was for will
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Maybe one of these?
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I'm actually the maintainer of the first one, and the W3C service works OK for me. What problem are you having with it?
posted by LukeyBoy at 4:21 PM on January 21, 2004

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