Risk of Hard Disk damage by having speakers near my computer?
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I want to know if I run the risk of Hard Disk damage by having large (8 inch sub+midrange) speakers near my computer. I have a Western Digital 100GB 7200 and a 160GB 8MB cache disk installed.

The amplifier is a Sony (I know... not great) 220 peak output to 3-way speakers playing loud bass volume music. The computer is 8 inches away from the left speaker.
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The computer is on top of a 6 inch high plastic crate.
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Your disks run next to no risk at all -- 8 inches is a pretty fair distance from that magnet, and drives have pretty fair shielding these days. If your case is at all respectable, your memory -- the more delicate component by far -- is also pretty safe. If it's made out of legos or something, you might want to look at getting some shielding in there as much for other reasons as this one.
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