Help me make my windows safe
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Where can I find specific window safety devices for highrise casement windows and floor-to-ceiling windows?

Following up on my toddler-highrise safety question, I am looking for advice and sources for window guards, safety netting and perhaps safety film.

I am in Canada and the Canadian Door and Window Manufacturers Association refused to help me. I have also been to several hardware stores. And the window specialists in the area seem not to know anything about these various devices.

Although I can find tons of sites recommending window safety netting, my Google skills fail me in finding retailers. A comment in the previous question mentioned something about safety screens, but I can't seem to turn anything up.

I can find Guardian Angel Window Guards, but no reviews.

One of the past commenters mentioned 500-lb resistant safety screens, but I also can't turn those up, except in a safety factsheet.

Finally, although I mostly believe now that floor-to-ceiling windows are very strong, I still get the willies when my child goes near them. I'd thought of putting up safety film, but I can't tell if that is what I would really want or not.

FWIW, I am not planning on putting furniture near windows. And I have a window guy coming to help put new hinges on the windows so they do not open more than a few inches. And I will put up some sort of screen so my child doesn't toss things at people below. These devices are also handy for people with pets.

So, my question about all this is "Where can I find these window safety products, preferably online in North America or in-store in Vancouver, Canada?" Thanks.
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There are some security films that can be applied to standard plate glass windows, which will prevent the window from shattering into pieces if broken, which may also be of interest in generally child proofing your home. You need to think through emergency egress requirements for each room in the house, so that in rooms where windows are the immediate emergency egress, you don't apply security films to every window, making it difficult or impossible to smash out a window in case of fire or other emergency.
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Response by poster: Thanks. I got a window glazier to come to my home and he pointed out that I have tempered glass and don't need to put in security film. Phew.
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