Israeli and Ukranian Developers?
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Where do I find lists of Ukranian and Israeli Web developers with own Web services/products?

Specifically I'm interested in researching Web services/applications that have been developed by non-native English speakers from Israel and the Ukraine -- for potential angel investment. I've found a few through -- clicking through to Web sites of software firms represented there (and finding Web projects or services). But this is a hit/miss approach and I'm wondering if there are any legit. lists or directories of these types of firms.

I've searched google's directory, but find lots of Web design companies -- relatively few with services they've developed and own outright.

Especially interested in Ruby.
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You might try Ruby-oriented online communities and forums.
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Read/Write Web has some excellent articles up on Web 2.0 companies that are up and coming in various countries including: Russia, German, Dutch, Polish, Korean, United Kingdom, Brazil, Italy, Turkey, China, Spain, Japan, France, etc.

I am familiar with the Ukraine and can tell you that you will find little to nothing coming out of the Ukraine at this point in time, at least in terms of Web 2.0. It will be a while before they catch up. (but they are working on it!)

Israel is a different story. I don't know much about the scene there, but Mirabilis did bring us ICQ.
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