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I am planning my honeymoon for the two weeks beginning June 11th, 2007. My future wife and I are looking at Cabo San Lucas and San Jose Del Cabo. We have heard that the weather can be too hot / too rainy this time of year, but I tend to think that my future in-laws and travel agent may be overreacting. Has anyone ever been to Cabo at this time of year?

Baja peninsula honeymoon tips would also be much appreciated. Thanks!
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Well, I can't really give any advice on the original question, but I met my wife on the southern Baja peninsula and might have some honeymoon ideas if you are into outdoorsy stuff and have independent transportation.

I would highly recommend a hike up into the Sierra de la Laguna mountains (and, I imagine that if it's too hot at sea level, it may be more comfortable up there). It's absolutely stunning up there and the vegetation is completely different than at sea level. It changes from desert into something kind of similar to the dryer parts of Vancouver Island (e.g. Victoria area and the Gulf Islands). It's a nature reserve and isn't very developed, but there are pretty good trails. You need to budget at least two days, preferably more, and carry all your food and camping gear.

We had wanted to go up there but didn't have personal transportation or maps, but we ended up meeting a Mexican in Todos Santos who drew us a map and drove us to the trailhead, and picked us up three days later (for a hefty but fair fee). Despite the fact that he was piss drunk and drew the map from memory, it turned out to be accurate and made for a wonderful hike (we were resigned to the possibility of getting semi-lost and/or having to hike back to the highway from the trailhead - I love having a GPS, makes that sort of thing so much less nerve-wracking). There are probably, uh, less risky ways too... this was kind of spur-of-the-moment.

There are also some wonderful natural hot springs. One in particular near Santiago (I'll have to ask a friend for precise derictions - it's near a little town some distance off the highway) where a crisp, clear stream from the mountains mixes with hot water that bubbles from underneath is the best hot spring I've ever been to (better that Olympic in WA, Umpqua in OR, or Terminal Geyser in CA)
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Historic Cabo San Lucas climate data looks pretty good for June.

We haven't been in Cabo during June but have spent time in La Paz, 100 miles north of Cabo in June - September months. The weather cetainly can be hot and humid in Baja Sur during those months, and tropical storms do sometimes, but infrequently occur in June. La Paz weather

Baja had an exceptionally high number of tropical storms earlier this year and more than one went across Los Cabos. I don't know anything about the extent of the damages from those storm.

The JTWC page will always have the most current info on tropical storms in both the Eastern and Western Pacific.
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I recommend against it. Particularly Cabo San Lucas. I'm not really sure what you're looking for, but Cabo San Lucas is so overridden by tourism, that it has lost nearly all appeal. Not to mention that prices are higher than in Tokyo. San Jose, on the other hand, isn't quite so bad and is more like a real Mexican town.
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