ADA-Compliant Webmail
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I need to find an ADA-compliant webmail interface. I'd prefer a free option that will allow POP3 and (preferrably) IMAP access. Hotmail is not an option since they no longer allow access to external POP boxes and Yahoo is out because of spam. Any suggestions?
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It shouldn't be hard to cobble something together out of acmemail, since the interface is already pretty rudimentary, but the code is pretty much abandoned now. Horde IMP might very well have an accessible display mode, too, and is under active development.

Both have POP3 and IMAP support.
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ADA compliant? I dunno if they are, but offers a damn good webmail service. If you are willing to pay a bit, you can get all the features you want, too, but the free service is still pretty good, too.
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