Where can I find this photo I saw at Disneyland?
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Please help me identify this small creepy photo I saw at Disneyland!

I went to Disneyland yesterday. The park is currently dolled up for Halloween. While walking down Main Street, I looked in the display window of the photo store (near the end of MS, on the right hand side walking toward the castle). In the display window, there were some old-style Halloween illustrations, and some daguerreotype-looking photos in frames.

Most of the photos were interesting but unremarkable. Then I saw the photo in question (links below). It, and some others like it, looked like normal photos, but when viewed from a slightly different angle, the picture changed subtly and spookily. The effect is really neat, and a friend actually screamed a little bit when she saw it.

This is a full view of the photo in its frame.
This is a detail view of the photo.
This is a view of the photo after it changes. (note the bulging eyes, axe in hand and skull off to the side)

Help me, o hive mind! Where may I purchase this picture?
Added Bonus Question: Does anyone know where I might find similar creepy and/or changing pictures of this nature?
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Looks like Lizzy Borden to me.
posted by quadog at 11:29 AM on October 3, 2006

thanks boingboing.net!
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That should be "Lizzie". Lizzy Borden is a band. Time to rock.
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Can't help you find the source for the picture, but I've got a pretty good idea about whom it depicts:

Lizzie Borden with an axe
Gave her mother forty whacks
When she saw what she had done
She gave her father forty-one.

See Wikipedia. I suppose that for other similarly themed pictures, you would look up other famous mass murderers, like Jack the Ripper, Jeffrey Dahmer, etc. Bleah!
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Holy crap, that was fast. Thanks aquanaut!
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Added Bonus Question: Does anyone know where I might find similar creepy and/or changing pictures of this nature?

The "Halloween Express" store here in Madison has at least 4 different paintings like this. My favorite is the version of Grant Wood's American Gothic where it the couple turns into a pair of zombies if you look at the proper angle.

I wish I could give you a good source, but that's a seasonal store that opens up in whatever property happens to be for rent at this time of year.
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Yup, that's definitely one of Eddie Allen's Haunted Memories. I've got his Da Vinci Corpse hanging in my first-floor bathroom.
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Not in my house.
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I had wanted to buy one of these for a while (I really get into the Halloween decorating) but this post inspired me to finally do it. I ordered it a couple of days ago and it showed up in today's mail. So the service is good! The photo is pretty damn cool, too. (I got the "Aunt Lizzie" one that was mentioned above.) Now I just need to find the perfect frame... and ideally, eventually I'll have a few more of these to be a spooky photo gallery in my own "Haunted Mansion."

(This is my goal, you see. To basically make a Disneyland Haunted Mansion out of my house for a while every year.)
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