Why won't my Gmail load?
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Gmail filter: For the past few days, my Gmail either won't load or takes an awful long time to do so.

I see a white screen that says "Loading" in the upper left corner and then switches to say "Loading" in the upper right corner. To my knowledge I've not changed the settings in my system which is Internet Explorer 6.0 and Windows 2000 Pro with a dial-up connection.
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I doubt it's you; Gmail's been a bitch to load the last few days and even Google.com was been sluggish of late. I can't seem to find any official mention of it, though.
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Adding to Alvy's observations, gMail seems to run slower and less predictably on IE6 than Firefox. I keep both running, one for my personal account and one for my wife's. Firefox has no problem running it. IE6 frequently just stalls out with no further progress possible and no warnings or error messages.
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As a third, I've been having the same problem, intermittently, for 2-3 weeks (and I'm not on Comcast), on Firefox. I haven't tried it on IE.
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I haven't had any noticable problems with Gmail (that i've noticed) but Google itself has been extremely sluggish at times over the last couple of days for me, both at home and work. I'm sure if it's something on their end, they'll work out the kinks soon enough... (here's hoping, anyway!)
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Try logging out, clearing your cache, and logging back in.
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My Gmail has been doing this all afternoon in Firefox with a T1 connection, so it's not just you and it's not your browser or dialup. Clearing the cache and logging back in does nothing.
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