Switching up headset and speakers
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How can I easily toggle between USB headphone speakers and desktop speakers?

I am using a Dell, running XP. I have a headset that is plugged into a USB hub designed for this kind of thing, plugged into my computer. I also have the normal speakers plugged in the back of the computer. When the USB headset is plugged in, I cannot get sound from my speakers. I have tried changing the audio properties to adjust the "default device" and regardless of what I set, the headset is still in control.
I use the headset only for skype, and I even came across this little app but it doesn't work for my computer. Other stuff I've found while googling have been of no help.
Anyone know of a nice way to do this that doesn't involve unplugging and plugging things back in?
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Safely remove USB device is the same as pulling the plug for the most part. You'll need to do an 'add hardware' to get the computer to recognize it again.
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I think the reason for the problem is that USB headsets appear to the computer to be more than just a headset--they're a sound device that will take over control of your audio settings from your soundcard for as long as they're plugged in (unless you manually switch control back to your soundcard).

I've created a shortcut on my desktop pointing to the Sounds and Audio Devices control panel applet, and then I just go into the Audio tab and configure the Sound Playback and Sound Recording devices as necessary.
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Response by poster: Brian James: That doesn't work for me (and actually, if you just right click on the audio icon in the right taskbar and go to audio properties, you go right there, so no shortcut needed).

So far, unplugging it is the only thing that works and I was hoping for a software-type solution instead of a physical thing, but I guess with USB it's not possible...
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I have the same problem.

I'd like Skype/Teamspeak to use the headset, and everything else to use the speakers.

I just go into the Audio tab and configure the Sound Playback and Sound Recording devices as necessary.

Doesnt work for me either :(
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