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What is the best VCR/DVD recorder which will permit do the following: 1. Able to edit and delete chapter markers after recording on the DVD. 2. Excellent image quality in transferring from VHS to DVD. 3. Precise editing accuracy
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I don't think such a thing exists. To do those things, you attach a DVD burner to a computer, and master your video on the computer before burning it to DVD.

For instance, your #1: not possible. Once the DVD is burned, it's burned. There's no way to change it.

Your #2, also not possible even with a computer. VHS is a lousy format, and you can't put back what the tape has lost.
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There are a bunch of DVD recorders on the market now that record to a hard drive, permitting the basic editing, chapter marks, essentially lots of work. Sorta PVRish.

Then it's "finalized" and recorded to a DVD. You can have the MPEG2 file hang out on the system, until you stop by and edit/make changes.

It's up to you if you find this easier than capturing, authoring, output.
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