How do I convert XML into XSPF?
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How do I convert XML files into XSPF?

I'm looking particularly at the XML files offered at by the Audioscrobbler Webservices. They provide XSPF lists for most of the track charts, but not for the Recent Weekly Track Charts for groups. Is there a simple way to generate an XSPF file from the XML?
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Either use your favourite scripting language (I'm a big fan of PHP5's XML functions) - or use an XSL Transform. I'm working on a lot of web services - I'll send you some example code to do transforms if you want.
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Perhaps you'd get somewhere with Hublog's Playr or the like.
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XSL is designed to do this. It's not that hard - a bit of reading to get started, but once you've got the hang of it you can do almost anything.
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