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I was at a restaurant recently and they were playing a foreign language cover of Bush's "Machinehead." The cover version was much slower but the melody was recognizable and every once in awhile the singer would say "machinehead" in english. Does anybody have any idea who this is by?
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Any idea whatsoever what language it was in? If you didn't recognize the language, what other languages did it sound like, or what language did the cadence remind you of? It might help.
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It sounded German or Eastern European.
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Was it kitsch/camp sounding? It might be Mambo Kurt.
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Hmmm, I don't think I'd call it kitschy or campy in any way although I did find it kinda silly. I just listened to some Mambo Kurt on and it's definitely not him. In the version of Machinehead I heard the lyrics had been translated into another language except for the word "machinehead." It was very slow and electronic.
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Maybe call the restaurant and ask? It might be something they keep in a somewhat regular rotation. I've done this in the past and almost always got an answer.
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