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Marin County, California speeding ticket. How much will it cost?

Got my first ever speeding ticket - Marin County, CA, by the CHP. 66 in a 45. Ticket is marked "infraction" (as opposed to the more serious [I guess] "misdemeanor"). How much should I expect to pay? What's the process?
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I haven't had a ticket in Marin in two years so I can't tell you how much it might be now but my guess is between $110-$180. As for the process, call the number on the ticket after a few days or so (but before 21 days) and find out how much. You should be able to pay online/over the phone or wait till you get a courtesy notice in the mail and send back a check. All this is assuming you're not planning to contest the ticket.

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Response by poster: Also: Is the fact that it's over 20 MPH (21, to be exact) significant? Is there some magic fine that appears at the 20 MPH limit?
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Yes, that makes it more expensive. Given that its your first, you can go to traffic school and not have this on your record. That'll cost you another ~$40.
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On the plus side, if you have to go to the marin county courthouse it's cool - it's where they filmed Gattica.
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I just got my first speeding ticket too-- but in Monterey County. But I was going 75 on the freeway, speed limit 65. I was absolutely astounded. And angry. Still angry.

My ticket (sitting over there on my kitchen table) is $114.
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P.S. Traffic school is $40? Now I'm even angrier.
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Yeah, but a lot of traffic schools are taught by comedians or at a restaurant and have entertainment or dinner included in the cost.

My son got a ticket for expired inspection in Texas: $113. I say $114 for 75 in a 65 doesn't sound so bad.
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Best answer: Process explained here.

There's a fine schedule posted there too. Looks like going 16-25 MPH over the posted limit =$165.

Perhaps things have changed for the better since I last received a speeding ticket, but bare-bones traffic school cost a whole lot more than $40. There's the cost of the class itself plus you pay some administrative fees to the court in addition to the traffic fine.

Oh cool, it looks like Marin County accepts online traffic school programs, so at least you won't lose an entire weekend day sitting in a stuffy room filled with a bunch of other people who don't want to be there either. Cheaper, too.
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