Help me find a freeware font for printing '" results?
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Working in Win XP, I just ran TREE.COM against a dir structure and saved the results to a file; now I'd like to print it.

I find that the Terminal fonts doesn't render on our printer because it can't handle the extended char set for all the funky li'l lines. It's distractingly fugly, and a couple of us are going to be referring to this quite a bit. I'd like to be able to print the listing out & hang it on the wall.

Does anybody know a freeware TrueType or OpenType replacement for Terminal they'd care to nominate? I already had to open my wallet for some other shareware today, and I'd prefer not to have to do so a second time if there's a free alternative.

(Or if there's a better way to have gone about this in the first place than TREE.COM, feel free to hit me with a stupid brick or two.)

Thanks in advance.
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Try tree /a for ASCII-only output, which should be friendlier for non-Terminal fonts.
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Make a note of where you create the file and load it in your word processor. Word or WP should have no trouble recognizing the characters and both have more than enough power to resize the tree structure to fit on a single page.

If the tree has lines connecting various parts, you may need to use a monospaced font (where all characters are the same width). Courier, which is the most common one, looks awful to me. There's a good list at kuro5hin, and the one rated best, Bitstream Vera, seems to be available free.
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Please don't make me type this list out by hand... (that thread might have some helpful suggestions).
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