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Is it difficult to manually adjust the convergence on a Zenith 50" rear-projection TV (without remote), and how would I go about this?

Hello all,

Someone I know is selling a Zenith 50" rear projection TV, model PVY4665DT for just $50. He said it works fine but the convergence is off, and he doesn't have the remote control to adjust it. He said his friend gave the TV to him awhile back and set up the convergence manually by taking the back off the TV and manually adjusting the controls for it. It worked great, but recently this guy moved it to a different room and the convergence got off again (apparently the guns can get misaligned when moved?).

So he doesn't have the remote but $50 is a steal, assuming I could manually perform the convergence adjustment. Does anyone have any knowledge about this type of thing? I've been researching on the net and it seems like its a pretty standard thing to do, although repeated/permanent convergence issues can be caused by several things, most commonly some faulty resistors on the board. These are supposed to be a relatively easy replacement - just unsolder the bad ones and resolder the new ones.

Can anyone advise me about performing the convergence adjustment manually, or about other issues to be concerned with? Also, is it possible to get an OEM Zenith replacement remote for this? If not, can I get a generic programmable remote for general functionality (channels, volume, etc), even if it doesn't allow for convergence adjustment?

Thanks for the help all!

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I know notihing about that particular model, but converging a CRT projector/projection TV is fairly easy. Just follow this guide.

(I had a CRT projector where the convergence control board died. I used it for a couple of years just by mechanically aligning the centres of each tube, which looked OK)
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