Advice on deck staining & bathtub caulking
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Questions about 2nd coats. 1) DECK: Just stained deck two days ago with a semi-transparent latex deck stain ("Weatherbeater" brand). Unfortunately it dried a little unevenly, showing brush marks, so there are lighter and darker patches. Can I apply a second coat, or will that peal once the rain comes? 2) TUB: re-caulked around tub yesterday. Aesthetically it might look better if I could apply another layer of caulk to smooth out edges and make a little thicker (used white silicone bathroom stuff), but will the fresh caulk adhere properly to the 24-hour cured caulk? I had to scrape the bejesus out of the gap to get the old caulk out, and I don't want to risk the new caulk job failing.
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Regarding the tub, you should have no issue applying another layer of caulk over your current layer at any point. That stuff isn't so much an adhesive as it is a sealant, so just make sure you fill gaps properly and you'll be fine.
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Because the latex was applied to the deck two days ago, you may need to give it a light sand befoire applying a further coat. Use something like 24 grit paper and sand very lightly. Check the re-coat instructions on the can.

Be careful about applying a second coat of sealant - if it is too thin, it will tend to peel off. This job is one of those things where you really need to do it once and then walk away, or you usually make things worse.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the advice. I actually called the manufacturer of the caulk and they told me that it adheres to itself, so there is no problem with caulking over fresh caulk. At least with this caulk, which I found out is siliconized latex.

As for the deck, I think I'm going to let it ride and hope I have enough down to at least protect the wood. The problem with the can is that it says something like "apply second coat if needed." What does needed mean? When and how? I will go with a different product when I do this all over in a couple of years.
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