Hoping the hive can help me find the full text of "Aphorisms on Future" somewhere on the interweb
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[FailedGoogleFuFilter] Please help me find the full text of "Aphorisms on Futurism" online

I'm posting this for my sister, who knows more about the text than I do. She has tried google, yahoo and MeFi. I am told that "Aphorisms on Future" is a modernist/futurist text by Mina Loy and she can't find it anywhere.
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She died in 1966, so it would still be covered by copyright.
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Best answer: From what I can tell, it was published in 1914 in Camera Work, which was a Futurist periodical(?), and is claimed by some sites to have been collected in Camera Work: A Critical Anthology by Jonathon Green. I would call up the University of Waterloo library and get a librarian to pull it off the shelf (call #TR642 .G69) and check the table of contents. Here's a partial table of contents that doesn't mention it, but it's only partial.
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Best answer: Yeah, you're not going to find it online. Only academics would be interested in that poem, and they generally don't go around breaking copyright like that. Well, sometimes they do, but apparently not in this case.
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Response by poster: I'm a UW mech eng undergrad so while I have something approaching zero experience with this subject directly it will be easy for me to wander by the library and check it out for her.

Thanks a bunch Hidalgo!
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"Aphorisms on Futurism" is also collected in the widely available Loy anthology The Lost Lunar Baedeker. That ought to be easier to find.
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As "Camera Work" appears to have been an American publication, the work would be in the public domain (not under copyright) within the U.S. along with all other pre-1923 published works. So if you do find it, it can be incorporated into Project Gutenberg.
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