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I found a great antique Elizabeth Arden sterling pressed powder compact that would make a great birthday gift for my wife. But there's

The problem is that it's $100 & before buying I'd like to make sure replacement powder is available. It's a 3" x 2" oval (3/8" deep) & EA has discontinued the powder (at least they no longer market it at Dillard's, etc.). Going to the EA website doesn't get me to any online sales of discontinued products. Any ideas other than loose powder?
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I don't know about replacement powder, calling EA would probably be the best bet. As for the loose powder idea, that is a huge mess waiting to happen. That stuff goes everywhere. Is there powder in it already? Maybe you could give it to her as a mirror/keepsake thing. Sort of like a giant locket, but much cooler.
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Do you know the volume, rather than the inches-measurement? This google seach gets lots of results.
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You might fill it with a solid perfume instead of powder. Perfume compacts can be lovely.
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I don't know if this is any help, but by replacing (or covering) the mirror and powder pan with photos, I've seen old compacts used as photo frames.
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Seconding puddinghead, you could keep the mirror part intact (either with the original glass or have someone cut a new piece to fit) and replace the powder part with a picture. Or have one be a regular mirror and the other be magnifying.
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This is such a wonderful gift.

Getting pressed powder back in there may be an issue if you want the original EA stuff, but it's possible theatrical makeup companies have a foundation in a similar shade that is sold in a larger quantity (they definitely are for stage actors) than can be pressed into it as needed. You'd have to do it manually which may be sort of sloppy and unromantic, though.
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If you can find an insert that was larger you could custom fit it with a bit of sandpaper and a damp sponge.
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