What was that video I saw?
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Name that animated internet meme

My design studio is working on a film project for a client. I want to refer to a piece I saw online for inspiration, but I can't find it.

I watched it once in Fall 2005. It was about 9/11, it was political, maybe about gas prices too. It had a damning, conspiratorial tone. It was a really trendy animation. I don't think there was narration, but there were printed words, with music. And lots of arrows. And I think the main background was brownish coloured. I believe it was posted on Metafilter, but searching through the archives, I couldn't find it.

It was being praised as a great video piece, not necessarily because of its content. The animation might have been put together by a notable person/studio in the industry, but no names are in my head.

Ring any bells? I know my clues are useless, but I believe in you, Internet.
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Best answer: Was it this animation set to a monologue by Barry Mcnamara?
posted by jeremias at 4:48 PM on September 29, 2006

Is it this one?

Maybe this one?

There's a whole bunch of them here...
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On post, I believe it's the one jeremias posted. I remember that one well.
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Best answer: What Barry Says... it was done by The Knife Party
posted by furtive at 4:53 PM on September 29, 2006

A similar look & feel to the Barry piece, might be further inspiration:

posted by blag at 7:46 PM on September 29, 2006

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