How to do a software release party?
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Help me plan an event to celebrate our new software release

Here's the problem. I'm the software engineering department head for a small (<60) company. There's maybe 8 people assoicated with the software group. We just had a major software release that everyone really pulled out all the stops for.

I'm looking for suggestions on something fun to do as a group to celebrate the release.

We all have families and lives outside the office, so I'm actually thinking of doing something on a weekday, but it could be an all-day thing for the right thing.

Age ranges from 30-50, all engineer-types.

What sort of things have you seen at the companies you work at, software or not, for a big milestone?
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Have a big party/dinner sort of thing at a very good, very expensive restaurant. Follow with boozing at a good club--and give everyone a freebie paid day off the next day.

My company does event production -- what's your budget?
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I'm looking for suggestions on something fun to do as a group to celebrate the release.

Go out to a bar and drink and socialize. If you want an internal event, cater one with an open bar. Seriously, no big planned outings, or your party turns into a retreat, and retreats aren't fun, but relaxing and socializing is.

Start in the afternoon so it means people can leave early, but let it continue through happy hour and beyond if people want to stay. If people want to leave early but not go, let 'em.
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Oh goodness yes, definitely have an open bar. No drink tickets, nothing--just a host bar.

(You book it, tell them there will be a host bar, estimated at X drinks per person--1.5pp/hr is probably reasonable, modified by the age etc of the crowd--often paid in advance, then billed or refunded on actual. This will, depending on the venue, be cheaper than your other option, which is simply running a tab and picking it up on a corporate card.)
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Honestly, if y'all have been doing the (stupid) Death March thing, the last thing your team wants is more time away from the family.

Have a great lunch together then suprise them with several days off. You'll get far more bang for your buck by having a rested team than a hung-over one.
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I've always appreciated being able to take time off after pulling an extended schedule in the lab, so I'd vote for that.

Blackjack and hookers are always nice, too.
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