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Weddingfilter/Catererfilter/Photographerfilter--Los Angeles Co., anyone have first hand experience with any of these in the LA Co. area?

We are planning our small (30-40 people) wedding at a friend's house. I am new to the area, and have no idea who to use for the caterer or photographer. Anyone have great suggestions?

We are both native midwesterners (read--meat eaters). We were thinking of having a prime rib carving station (possibly). Many of our family members are flying in for the event and we want to make sure they are well-fed.

The wedding is taking place outdoors at sunset with hill/mountains. We realize this may be more of a challenge for the photographer because of lighting. This will be early/mid November.

I have done a AskMeta search, but couldn't find anything this specific.

Thanks in advance, we will be monitoring and willing to give more specifics if it will help.
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I live in the LA county area myself, and while I don't have any suggestions for you, it might help to be more specific about where the wedding is taking place. Someone who caters on the west side is probably not going to be interested in a gig out near San Bernardino.
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The catering questions have come up on Los Angeles Chowhound a few times. Plenty of good ideas there.

I recommend Papa Cristo most enthusiastically, if you like Greek food and can pick up in mid-city. They fed our guests very well for a very fair price.
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Response by poster: The wedding will be in Calabasas. We are wanting the event to be catered (complete with wait staff).

We will look at the link from Scram.

Thanks for the responses so far.
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The only thing I have to contribute here is that we decided to not have a photographer, and we're so glad we did. We had several friends take pictures because that's what they like doing, and it was nice to be able to give them a job. It was more than nice getting a CD full of pictures and video for no charge.
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I meant to return to this earlier and post, but got caught up with work and my own wedding planning.

I recently found this: (forum with recs and reviews for LA vendors)

Also, theknot's LA board is a good place to look. I hate the forum's format, but the search at the bottom works well.

Good luck!
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