Where can I find Kona Sugarloaf?
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Where can I purchase a fresh pineapple variant that I can't find at the supermarket?

When I visited Hawaii, they had white-fleshed pineapple called Kona Sugarloaf or Pineapple Sugarloaf. I've searched on google and ebay, and while buying an entire plant is tempting, I'm really not the gardening type. Where can I get this fruit at a reasonable price?

I live in Connecticut and I'm willing to travel, I dunno, 100 miles to get the fruit if it can't be shipped.
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indigo, I, too, sampled that sweet, sweet delight in Hawaii, but was told (with some authority) that it's too delicate to ship. I will be watching this thread, though, hoping against all hope that I was told incorrectly!
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Do you have a big farmers' market nearby (maybe even union square greenmarket)? They probably won't have it there, but farmers know each other and if you ask around someone will point you to the person who can grow pineapples and that person might be able to tell you how to get that variety. Connecticut might be a little tough, though.
Another thought- call your local produce wholesaler and ask about it. they'll have contacts all over and might be able to find a supplier.
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Ask the Manhattan Fruitier. I don't think they'll have it, but I expect they're wired in to the exotic fruit merchant community of NYC.
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Maybe the Middlesex Fruitery in Middletown? (Pretty lame link, but the best I could find.) I live in Middletown, but rarely go to this place because of its absurd policy of not letting customers touch the produce before buying. However, they do specialize in unusual fruits and veggies, so it might be worth giving them a call.

And if they do have this pineapple, please let us/me know! I've had it in Hawaii, too, and it's divine.
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