Need a little help with javascript and webpage dropdowns..
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Need a little help with javascript..

Say I have a page with multiple dropdown boxes, all of which contain exactly the same options. At the minute, I have to click on all of those dropdowns individually, which is very repetitive.

I was thinking that it might be possible to use javascript to add a button to that webpage that would select the same option on all the dropdowns on that page. But sadly I don't know how to do that, and google is no help.. so any help would be appreciated.

(by the way, it doesn't have to be javascript - I'm happy to do anything that would help do this.)
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I have a page with multiple dropdown boxes, all of which contain exactly the same options.

Well that doesn't make sense at all. But a simple solution would be that when you change the value in one dropdown, it automatically changes the value of others.

add this to your select tags:


And add this in the head in script tags:
function toggleAll(newVal) {
  var selects = document.getElementsByTagName("select");
  for (var i = 0; i < selects.length; i++) {br>
    for (var x = 0; i < selects[i] .options.length; x++) {br>
      if (selects[i].options[x].value == newVal) selects[i].options[x].selected = true;    

NOTE: Take out the br> that shows up at the end of some lines, that's Metafilter adding those for reasons unknown to me.
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Oh, missing a closing } in there. Sorry.
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thanks furtive, will try that out.

BTW.. as to it not making sense. It's a movable type 'approve comments' page. possibly i should have said that above.. so you have x number of comments, and each has a drop-down - approve, reject, junk, etc etc
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oh, actually... i need the page to have slightly more flexibility..

ideally.. i could choose to control them all at once, or choose to do them individually. from reading the above, wouldn't that solution only allow me to control them all at once?
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Correct. The solution is to create a new dropdown, and only have that dropdown call onchange. That would change everything to the value of your new dropdown, but you could then make any modifications you wanted.
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aha, thanks for that. will try it out.
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thanks for all the help so far, is much appreciated.

have tried that out.. but can't quite get it to work. just be to clear.. i really only have very little idea what i'm doing..

two questions..

1 - am i right in thinking that if this works, i would be able to actualyl see the dropdowns across the page changing?

2 - i suspect that what i'm getting wrong is i'm building my 'control all' dropdown wrongly. here's the code i'm using.. anything obviously not right?

<select onchange="toggleAll(this.value)">

<option value="nothing" selected>Select...</option>

<option value="approve" >Approve</option>

<option value="defer" >Defer</option>

<option value="delete" >Delete</option>

<option value="reject" >Reject</option>

<option value="junk" >Junk</option>

<option value="moderate" >Pending</option>


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FWIW, this is my "Go To" page for getting any JS answers. It is a decent JS FAQ.
JavaScript Form Contents
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