Because Steve would have wanted to hear it.
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Has anyone heard any Steve Irwin jokes?

Death is not funny. But I'm struck by the fact that I haven't heard a single joke since he died. I mean, two days after the Challenger explosion there were jokes and now here it is weeks later and I haven't heard a single thing about Steve Irwin. Consider this an anthropological question. If you answer is "yes" then I'd like to hear the joke.
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Uh, yup (from Down Under, yet):

Q: Who sang at Steve Irwin's funeral?
A: Gordon Sumner
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The day after (or the day of, I don't know the exact time and zones) his death, I saw a very long performance of The Aristocrats which included creative use of the stingray-hole.
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Ten seconds before reading your question, I read this on "I suppose Steve Irwin should have worn sunblock to protect from harmful rays".

Do bad puns count as jokes?
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Best answer: Norm MacDonald on the Daily Show. This was on fairly soon after it happened, though I'm not sure of the exact date.
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I don't know if this counts as a joke, but at a party last weekend we were playing this variation of charades where one team comes up with an action/event and the other team comes up with an adverb. The team that came up with an action must guess the adverb based on the other team's enactment of the action. Drinking makes this game much more fun.

As you can guess, the action was "Steve Irwin's Death by a Sting Ray," prefaced with "I know this is wrong but..." This was followed by a chorus of "OMG!" and "so bad!" The team then proceeded to enact the event "robotically."

Yeah. College kids have no souls.
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I heard that his tombstone reads Ray Sting Peace.
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Response by poster: These are great. But they aren't not funny enough. I need more!
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Best answer: Here's some more.
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There is one that will make more sense to Australians than to the rest of the world

Q) What do Steve Irwin and Peter Brock have in common?

A) They both hate fish-tails
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Well, he should have been wearing suntan lotion. You know? To protect from harmful rays.
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Oops, I duped vacapinta's post.
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From vacapinta's link:

How many respected biologists have been killed by stingrays?

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there's plenty floating around on LiveJournal if you wanna have a looksee - check out the MetaQuotes community around the time he died.

(though I'm with sophist here)
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Best answer:
Haven't you people had enough yet?!?


Every pore of the Internet has been oozing Steve Irwin jokes since his death

I, too, have missed them. Got this one in-office:

Steve Irwin arrives in heaven.
God says "Steve you've been a decent bloke, did nice things and made everybody feel welcome, you can have something in heaven that you treasure from Earth. Whatever it is I'll get it up for you".

Steve leans over and whispers in Gods ear.......

Next day it arrives in heaven.
Steve's jaw drops.
He looks at God and says:
"God, I said CROCK not BROCK."
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(For non-Australian readers, pompomtom's joke makes more sense when you realise that Aussie motorsport legend Peter Brock died a couple of days after Steve Irwin.)
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Crikey! ran a round up of Steve Irwin jokes.
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Sadly, scrolling through the Metafilter thread announcing his death reveals quite a few jokes made by some of our fellow Mefites in the hours after his death.
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I'm sure there have been dozens of variants on this theme:
Steve Irwin died as he lived-- Tormenting dangerous animals.
I'm not sure if that is a joke or just an honest epigram.
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Steve Irwin meets Peter Brock in heaven. Steve says "Crikey mate! Why have you got a halo and I haven't?"

Brock replies "You stupid bastard! That's not a halo, it's a steering wheel!"

Irwin has really only been on the radar here in .au since about '02 when he was introduced to us from the U.S. Brock, having been on the scene for more than 30 years, has a great deal more local cultural relevance; hence the jokes only really started when Brocky died a few days after the "Croc Hunter"
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One of the more common responses on web forums to the news of Irwin's death was, simply, "crikey!"

I'd consider that a bit of a joke, myself.
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They asked Steve Irwin what his favourite TV show was as a child, and he said that while he was a massive fan of Thunderbirds, there would always be a place in his heart for Stingray.
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I just saw a magazine cover where one of the headlines was: "The tears of Steven Irwin's widow"...
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After his death I watched the Steve Irwin movie, Collision Course. One of his first lines was "What a stinger!" I figure those must've been his last, as well.
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