The Robotic Fanfare
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What's with that awful, seemingly random series of electronic notes played over the Fox logo at the end of the credits on the Simpsons?

At the end of each episode, it seems to be a coin-toss as to whether you'll hear the well-known Fox horn fanfare, but occasionally it sounds like, well, Kraftwerk getting drunk or something. Is that a new official corporate fanfare, or is something else happening?

Note that this isn't the DTMF "telephone dialing" sound that you occasionally hear to activate commercials on affiliates or cable networks.
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Are we talking about actual television broadcasts here? I assumed it was added by the pirates. I mean, I would assume that, if I watched illegally pirated Simpsons episodes.
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Response by poster: Indeed, I'm talking about the genuine, over-the-air VHF broadcasts here. (Why bother with Bittorrent when you can leech for free off the city-wide wireless networks? ;)
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That wmm WA doo doo DA doo? It's some "cute" version of the 20th Century Fox fanfare.

No, it makes no sense to me.
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I always assumed it had some origin in 'futurama'--accompanying that '30th Century Fox' logo.
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I'm with oats, sounds like you're talking the 30th Century Fox version of the standard 20th Century Fox TV sting (which itself is a snippet of the long form movie sting). I didn't realize it was being used with the Simpsons, though.
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