I Would Like My Cell Phone to "Ring"
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Where can I download ringtones that sound like actual "ring tones"? I don't want Black Eyed Peas or Justin Timberlake. A beeping or a ringing sound will do. I can't believe how difficult this has been to find. Thanks.
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My most recent phone only came with just one standard "ringing" sound and one obnoxious beep-- the rest was all music. Add me to your crusade, I'll be checking to see if anyone can shed some light on this question.
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I hate ringtones myself, and the closest thing my phone has to a real ring still has an annoying clubby sounding echo to it. T-mobile only offers a couple of real rings, I downloaded one called "old phone" and it sounds like shit.
I recently realized that I can use any recorded sound as a ringtone, so I plan to record a real phone ringing and use that. Free, too.
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This is what I use. I found it via this archived discussion. You might also try looking for free uploader services for your provider.
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Wow, I thought I was the only one who hated the musical cacaphony of new cell phones.

I too was hunting for a simple ringer that was not cute or funny or obnoxious, and I finally gave up, so I made my own. I have an old Ericofon, and I love its "tweeter" ringer, so I made these mp3s of the rotary and touchtone Ericofon ringers. If you have a web-enabled cell phone you can download them to your cell phone from here:


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I went here.
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I hate most ringtones and I don't even watch the show 24 but I use these ringtones (direct mp3 links: 24 and 24b). Its surprisingly inoffensive.
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There is only one acceptable ringtone for my little phone: The ringtone from 24. I keep expecting Jack Bauer to call me with some important news about the President...
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I started using the '24' tones two phones back, I picked them because they sound like the ringers on many business land lines and because I am a secret agent, of course. I just recently noticed that almost everybody in my office over the age of 30 is now using these tones. It's really great, you barely notice that its a mobile ringing.
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I don't have a mobile phone, but if I did, I'd record some of my favourite local birdcalls and use one of those for a ringtone.
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My friend ran the 24 ringtone through an audio program and made a dozen subtle mixes of them, so that he could identify who was calling by the tone, but to the untrained ear...
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I'd record some of my favourite local birdcalls and use one of those for a ringtone

The first thing I did when I got my new phone was buy a cable and transfer some birdsong MP3s to it. I have American Robin, Common Loon, Western Meadowlark, and a bunch more. Helps to have a birdsong CD to rip them from. :-)
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One of my coworkers did something similar to the birdsong idea, but he used frogs. Very subtle and unobtrusive but distinctive enough that he knew that his phone was ringing. I liked it.
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I spent ages trying to find a ring that was actually a ring and was free.

I gave up, downloaded a free midi composer package and stuck in a bell ringing. Doing it that way you can adjust it to the pitch and pace of your choice.

I still have my .mid but not a suitable webpage to stick it on. Email is in my profile however, and I'll pass it on to anyone that wants it.
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I have an .mp3 version of the "classic" ringtone from the Motorola v-series phones - it's the ringtone I've always thought of as the, well, 'classic' ring for a cell phone. Simple digital phone ringing noise. I don't know about any weird copyright implications, but if anyone wants it, email me at chadbailey at gmail and I'll send it along when I get home from work.
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The "24" ringtone is what I use. I first heard the ringer on a AT&T Merlin business phone system in the early 1990s. There are about 8 different variants, with various high/low tones, durations, and combinations after the initial "dut dut". The ones you hear on the show (and linked above) are the ringers used when a call is transferred internally.

AT&T sold the phone systems unit to Lucent, who also used the same tones in different models. Lucent sold the unit (and or became) Avaya. I have scoured teh internets and cannot find wav/mp3s of the other tones. I don't know if Cisco actually uses the same tones or if it's post production "artistic license."

This concludes this episode of "Telephone Ringtone Trivia." Thanks, and have a good weekend!
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less offensive than a ring...a birdsong ringtone: www.birdfone.com
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This might be the latest answer ever, but for those of you that have been emailing me asking for the 'classic' ringtone, you can download it from a post on my blog:

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