What does a grey double border mean in Illustrator?
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What is this mysterious double-bordered grey box that appears in Illustrator CS?

Sometimes when I have something selected in Illustrator, a grey box will suddenly appear around the object. It has a distinctive thin/thick border, and it appears with some padding around the object. It looks like some kind of display glitch, but it usually doesn't disappear when I zoom or scroll. Deselecting the object doesn't make it go away, but eventually it does disappear as I continue to work.

In this sample image, the grey border is not part of my Illustrator artwork, and it appears in both Outline and Preview view modes. I'm using Illustrator CS2 under Mac OS X. Is this a bug or just a feature I don't know about?
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Best answer: Group Isolation Mode
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Response by poster: Brilliant. You've saved me from the brink of insanity.

Thank You

Thank You

Object > Blend > Make
Thank You
Thank You

Object > Blend > Blend Options… > Spacing > Specified Steps: 1000 > OK
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