How do you verify the broker you are dealing with is legit?
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How do you verify the broker you are dealing with is legit?

I've been looking around for an apartment and this would be the second time I'm going to be working with a broker. I hate them with a passion but it's nearly impossible to find anything decent in my neighborhood without one. I saw an apartment that I liked and have an appointment to meet the broker later this evening with my application and tax forms. Problem is, I found him on craigslist, I've never met him (I was late for my apt. viewing so he left it unlocked for me to just go in), we are meeting at a Starbucks, and the only way I know of contacting him is by cell phone. I worry that he could not be a broker at all and I hesitate to give him any of my confidential information before verifying this. How can I make sure I'm dealing with someone who really is representing this apartment and is a legitimate real estate agent? His office is quite a ways away from me and I hope I don't need to go there; plus, the apartment seems to be an excellent deal so I don't want to procrastinate. Please advise!
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Best answer: Does your state have an internet site where you can verify his license?
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Response by poster: i'm in New York (Brooklyn) and i can't seem to find one..
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Best answer: Here you go
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Response by poster: thank you !
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If for some reason that is not accessible I would ask him for proof of licensure, references and with what firm is his license held. If he says he is an independent broker I would definitiely ask for professional references and last two or three clients. If he balks--well.
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This doesn't answer your question (sorry), but:

Ask friends/family/others who they have worked with successfully in the past. Work with those people.
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