Longhorned Vista?
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The next generation of Microsoft Windows server OS is called...?

When I saw our publication was considering publishing next year a feature on 'Migrating to Microsoft Longhorn,' I noted that Longhorn was an outdated code name, superceded by 'Vista.' Our tech editor pointed out that the next generation Windows server OS was still called Longhorn. Looks like he's right. Does the Hivemind agree?
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Microsoft Windows Server code name "Longhorn" is the next-generation Windows Server operating system that helps IT professionals maximize control over their infrastructure with increased security, reliability, and functionality.

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Longhorn was an early version name, yeah. Vista is the release name.
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Yes I have read the page I linked to (a useful habit) but even Microsoft may not be immune to having out-of-date Web pages that don't reflect the current nomenclature. I'm just checking in with the folks here who know more about MS' next server operating system than I.
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Microsoft's Windows homepage calls only of Vista.

Longhorn was/is the codename, like Windows 95 was codenamed "Chicago" and Windows XP "Whistler".
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Wikipedia says your editor was right. Vista is not used for the server OS, only for home+business.

"Windows Server 'Longhorn' ... will be called Windows Server 2007 or 2008" [WP]
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"Longhorn" does not equal Longhorn.
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Longhorn is the code name for the Server product, which will not be called Vista. Windows Server 2007/8, as matthewr says, is the most likely candidate.

"Vista" is an actual release name; it's for the consumer-level OS products, not the server stuff.
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reyneart, I thought Windows XP was codenamed "Cairo" (as in the Greek letters Chi (X) and Rho (P) )
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Windows Vista's codename was "Longhorn". The next version of Windows Server is currently using the codename "Server 'Longhorn'".
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"Cairo" was the codename to Windows NT 4.0.
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Vista is only the name for the family of desktop/workstation operating systems, as noted above. The branding team which named Windows Server 2003 has expressed in the past that "year" names are familar and feel safe to enterprise IT buyers, like version numbers.

The current beta for Windows operating systems is listed by Microsoft as "Windows Vista, Longhorn Server and IE 7 Beta".

The actual beta products themselves are listed like so:

Windows Vista (v5728-16387) for X86 and X64
Windows Longhorn Server (v5728-16387) X86 and X64

So it's pretty clear that:

* Longhorn is still the codename for the server products
* Vista is only the name of the desktop products
* Longhorn is not the final name of the server products
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