Almond Butter
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I love Almond Butter but here in the UK a little jar that holds about 300 grams costs around £4.00 or $7.00. I decided to try and make it myself. I bought a bunch of almonds, put them - as I was advised into a food processor, using the steel blades and turned it on - what I ended up with was finally ground almonds. I have looked everywhere from google on down and found nothing useful. What i am after is a pure almond butter, with nothing added, like the stuff that comes in the expensive jars from health food shops. Can anyone tell me how to this?
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Maybe you have to add a little almond oil to the ground almonds? It could be that your nuts are a little on the dry side, so to speak.
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I'm not trying to be snarky here, but did you try this?
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Depends what you mean by "Almond butter".

Do you mean ...
1/2 cup softened butter or margarine
1 tbsp finely chopped almonds
1/2 tsp almond extract

or do you mean pure Almonds in a peanut butter format?

I use Suma for health foods. They're cheap and have quite a wide variety of products, but I don't know if they make / can provide what you want. Worth sending an email IMHO.

I second the "Adding of oil" option to turn your powder into a paste.
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Sorry, I notice that you mention you tried Google. Perhaps that first hit wasn't definitive enough for you...the sixth hit from google has a full recipe, though, as do this and this, a little further down the result list.
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Also, I think you need fresh almonds, and maybe you've been using dried almonds. Don't know where you would get fresh almonds from, but your local Chinese / Indian wholesaler is always good for this kind of thing.
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Here's another recipe, and, if you swing that way, you can buy a nut butter machine. I also have to include this peanut butter machine site, because the text is just too irresistable: "A Simple but unique machine to make peanut Butter. Can be operated even by housewives. Feed the roasted peanuts and the peanut butter emerges out from the delivery chute."
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Also, I think you need fresh almonds, and maybe you've been using dried almonds.

You need "raw" almonds, if they're dried, it because they've been roasted.
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I get almond butter ground fresh at a farmers' market. They do not add anything, and I always have to stir the oil back into it before I use, so I think thomcatspike has the answer. Given that, I think a combination of raw and roasted almonds would be best: raw for their natural oils and roasted for the extra flavor. Try a small batch of half and half and alter as necessary.

BTW, a spoonful of almond butter in stir-fry goes a LONG way!
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And I would suggest blanching the almonds and removing the dark brown skin, as it is horribly bitter.
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Just don't eat too much - you might poison yourself
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Thanks all. Its the 'neat' stuff' that I'm after, no added anything. And I guess that using fresh, unroasted nuts is my best bet or maybe a mix with the powder which has been sitting in the fridge for a couple of weeks . The problem is that at the weekly organic market near where I live they don't specify whether the nuts are fresh, dry or roasted. I don't think they know. They just buy them in and expect the buyer to know. Anyway, if that doesn't work I'm off to the Farmer's Market in LA where I first got hooked on this stuff or else I'll be back here again.
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donfactor, looking at the various recipes, and at sites like this that sell almond butter, it seems that it can be made with either raw or roasted nuts...
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Might try using a blender rather than a food processor. That's how we make peanut butter, no oil needed.
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Yes, tsitzlar is right, use a blender. I make an Italian almond meringue cake that calls for finally ground almonds. When I only had a blender I had to very carefully grind the almonds so they wouldn't turn into butter. With a food processor, as you've found, that doesn't happen. The blender kind of mashes as well as chops. Also, a natural food store near me has a help-yourself-almond-butter-grinder and they use roasted almonds.
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Yo, you factors, Don and Time - stop saying "finally" when you mean "finely."

That is all.
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I've made cashew butter (also quite good!) out of just cashews, and I think one problem may be volume. Food processors require a lot of nuts (about 2 1/2 cups in my big one) to cover the surface area sufficiently enough to get ground into butter, whereas a blender can do it with a much smaller quantity, since the blender jar is quite a bit "skinnier" than the processor's mixing bowl.
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