A Line of Pretty, Yet Empty, Bags
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I need to know what was the best stuff you ever got in a grab-bag. Naturally, there is

I am the producer of a small community theatre - we do about two shows a year, and we're about to put up another one in three weeks. We have a cast of 14, evenly split between men and women, and I want to put together an opening night grab-bag (or goodie bag or whatever) for them. Here's the thing - the show has a particular theme: India. I've got these pretty hand-made mirrors for the girls already, but I'm floundering on an item that is guy-specific, and also what else to put in the package. Oh, and I don't want to break the bank. The girls' mirrors came out to about $7/each.

And, while I'm at it, interesting ideas for packaging, while not the main focus of my question, would not be looked down upon. Thanks!
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Best answer: It might be waaaayyy too tacky, but Archie McPhee has Hindu finger puppets. And maybe these lunchboxes as packaging?
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how about a really good classic single-blade shaver with a brush?
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Best answer: This is uni-sex, but how about some nice darjeeling tea? If you want to get fancy, you could find loose tea and include some tea-strainers.
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Best ever use of the "grab bag" category on AskMe!
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Best answer: There is not a lot of Indian immigrants in my area but there are lots of Hispanic and Asian immigrants and therefore lots of Hispanic and Asian stores my area. I love shopping in those for the different foods and especially the little candies and gums.

Maybe there is an Indian grocery store near by for some candies and little items from India??
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If they have a sense of humor, you can find any number of cheap kama-sutra themed items; coasters, posters, etc. at places like Spencer's Gifts in the U.S.A.
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I like the idea of tea and tea strainers. Even if they're not tea drinkers, someone they know will be.

I also like the idea of going to an Indian grocery store if there's one near you. You could get some cool imported treats there.

Or, gift certificates to a local Indian restaurant?
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One place to look might be an Indian wedding favors site; they have inexpensive little things. The same site has nice custom paper products. I'm not sure how many items you have to order at once, though. It might amount to the same result as just going to the local Indian grocery.
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Two opening-night gifts stand out to me: a really great makeup pencil sharpener, which I still use (and I think of the giver when I do), and a little metal pill box, which I also still use.

A little metal box actually might be something you can find at an Indian market; they seem to have lots of metal stuff there.

Little Ganeshes, if you can get them, would be very nice.
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