Broken eyeglasses repair?
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Eyeglass repair. I broke a friend's (expensive) eyeglasses right at the temple, and it's not a repair that just anybody can do. The manufacturer told me to screw myself, and google searches, though they produce many mom-and-pop repair shops, are relatively fruitless. Are there any big, high-quality, national firms that I can trust with this repair?
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how did they break? .... the little screw in the frame pull out and strip the threads?
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Nope. The temples have little extensions, shaped like this --OO-- rather than the simpler -OO-. I broke off the long thing that I would call an earpiece, and unfortunately, it took most of the temple with it.

My hunch is that they will need to be bonded rather than brazed.
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oh. ouch.

how much is your time worth?
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Maybe a long shot, but you could look and see if there are any good bespoke jewelers (or similar metal craters) in your area and then take it by them for opinions.
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trharlan, if there is a Lenscrafters in your area, check them out. Most often, there is someone who works there that would know how to fix this, often for free or a minimal price.
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As a last resort you could purchase another frame that can hold the same lenses without any cutting if possible.
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Find a reputable OPTICIAN who has been practicing for many years. A good optician can work wonders with any frames/lenses.
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Pick one of those mom and pop shops. As a rule, megacorporations will find a way to screw up -- though they have been very useful for quick drop-in repairs such as missing nose pads or lost screws -- whereas the chances that some little optician has exactly the right part sitting in a drawer somewhere are pretty good.
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I second the jeweler. They're adept at micro-brazing and the like.
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I third the jeweler. I recently broke a pair of eyeglasses at the bridge, and a jeweler did a great job bonding the pieces back together--you'd never know they were damaged.
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> The manufacturer told me to screw myself

and who would this be? (for future reference)
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I fourth the jeweler.

Or, if you're "handy" like me, find out the proper type of solder to use for eyeglass frames (high strength, I know that) and solder them yourself. Remove lenses first and flux is a must, I'd say. Use a soldering iron. Steady now......

I've fixed my eyeglasses' frame about a dozen times with the wrong kind of solder. It holds for a while and then lets go at inappropriate times, such as minutes before my wife and I hop in a car to visit her mother.

The frame comes apart, and the plastic lens falls to the floor and ricochets under the refrigerator. Then, my wife glowers at me and begins to lecture about how I need new glasses.
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The manufacturer who told me to screw myself was Ralph Lauren. $400 glasses, no help.

Thanks everyone for the suggestions.
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