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How can I find 4799490_11a9544ee3.jpg on flickr?

I have thousands of regular-sized flickr photos saved on my computer with filenames like 4799490_11a9544ee3, or 4781253_bba2db11ca, etc. Id like to see the larger versions of a couple of my favorites. Is there any way to find an original flickr photo page based on a filename?
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Is this it?

(Google search.)
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Best answer: seems to work.
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Response by poster: thank you both- thats just what I wanted
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Wow, how did you know how to do that?
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Flickr forums has the info.
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This is old knowledge among flickrites.

The photo id is 4799490. Thats sequential so this photo is the 4,799,490the photo uploaded to flickr. (so you can use that construct above to find the Nth photo uploaded to flickr)

The next part is a random hash which allows you to keep private photos private. Also at the end ther'e usually something like a _s or _o. These are the different sizes with "o" meaning original.
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