Truncated URLs when emailing from Firebird
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Why has Mozilla Firebird 0.7 (on Windows XP) suddenly started truncating link URLs when I use File/Send Page to email them? It used to do this occasionally, but now it's doing it every time.

Better yet, is there a fix?
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If I'm reading your link correctly, Galvatron, it refers to what seems to be the same problem in an older version of Mozilla (and it's implied it was fixed in newer versions, I think). Would they not have fixed it in Firebird at the same time? Also, this does not take into account the recent onset of the problem, nor offer a solution/fix.

It's something, though, I guess.
posted by rushmc at 9:59 PM on January 18, 2004

Would they not have fixed it in Firebird at the same time?

You'd like to think, but the reality is that they're different code-bases, and fixes for one don't always apply, and aren't always applied to the other.

This might be a better first stop for Firebird though.
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